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The Laundry Sheets

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Sustainable living with premium products

Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to contribute to a sustainable world. Not with standard 'green' products, but with high-quality items that are good for you and the planet. Join the movement and make a difference with daily eco-friendly use and a premium lifestyle!

Laundry Sheets

The Laundry Sheets are an environmentally friendly solution for traditional detergent and fabric softener.

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The Razors

The Second Nature Safety Razor is the durable razor that will last a lifetime.

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Second Nature zwart plastic vrije scheermes setje met scheermes, standaard en vervangbare mesje

Razor Blades

The Razor Blades are available from €8 for 4 blades.

The Razors

The Razor is available separately from 34.95.

The score

The position in matching color of the razor. Worth €29.95.


People preceded you

More than 2000 people have already brought the Second Nature Razor into their home. Are you next?


Razor Blades sold

More than 19,000 Razor Blades have already been sold. Never be without a razor again!