3 easy tricks against smelly laundry


Does your washing machine smell a bit musty? Don't worry, here are three easy solutions to make your washing machine smell fresh again.

Regular boil wash at 90 degrees

Did you know that your washing machine loves a little heat? A washing machine can be cleaned by running a wash at 90 degrees once a month, in other words a 'cooking wash', you give your machine a thorough internal cleaning. This high temperature helps to dissolve stubborn stains and old fabric softener residues.

Dishwasher tablets as a last resort

Does your washing machine continue to smell unpleasant, despite the regular boiling wash? Then try dishwasher tablets. Toss two tablets into the drum and let the machine run a boil wash. The powerful cleaning properties of the dishwasher tablets will make your washing machine smell wonderfully fresh again.

Vinegar and baking soda

Are you planning on using vinegar and baking soda to freshen up your washing machine?

While vinegar is a popular natural cleaning agent, it should be used with care. Too much vinegar can attack rubber and metal parts of your washing machine, leading to damage and leaks. Consider using it sparingly and always check your washing machine manual or contact the manufacturer for specific cleaning advice. Safety and preservation of your equipment always come first!

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