Hand Soap Bottle

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Revolutionary hand soap for people who love clean hands, fresh scents and a clean planet. You receive an aluminum bottle and choose one, two or three refill bags. Our hand soap is converted into a soft foam by the special pump and contains caring jojoba oil.

Sustainable choice

With every refill you save a plastic disposable bottle and the unnecessary transport of water. In addition, the aluminum foam pump will last a lifetime.

Caring effect

The Hand Soap cleans powerfully and has a nurturing effect

300 sprays

1 refill is equivalent to washing hands 300 times

Clean choice

Free from parabens, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia & EDTA

Sustainable packaging

Packaging is made of FCS paper and compostable

100% Vegan

The Hand Soap is 100% vegan

How it works?
Zwarte second Nature fles wordt vastgehouden om geschud te wordenSecond Nature all purpose cleaner navulling wordt in de fles gedaanSecond Nature herbruikbare fles wordt gevuld met water

Step 1

Fill the bottle with water

Take your empty bottle and refill it with 300ml of clean lukewarm tap water.

Step 2

Add the contents of the sachet

Open and add the powder from the refill pack to the bottle.

Step 3

Shake first before use

Place the foam pump back on the bottle and shake briefly, the product is ready for use.