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Laundry Sheets discount bundle (60-120 wax strips)

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Discover the revolutionary method for doing your laundry! Stop using detergent that is unnecessarily packaged in plastic and transports water unnecessarily. The Laundry Sheets are completely vegan, easily biodegradable and are delivered at home when you want! Order now and experience the convenience of our sheets!

Number of washes: 3 x 20 washes

Number of washes

How it works
Vrouw geniet van haar schone en frisse wasgoedEen Second Nature wasstrip wordt in de wasmachine gelegdVrouw doet haar wasgoed in de wastrommel

Step 1

Put your laundry in the washing machine drum

The Laundry Sheets are suitable for all types of laundry. Also for wool and silk laundry.

Step 2

Place a Laundry Sheet with the laundry

The Laundry Sheets are detergent and fabric softener in one. So you only need to add a sheet. Normal detergent or fabric softener is not necessary.

Step 3

Enjoy your clean and fresh laundry

The result... wonderfully fresh-smelling laundry! That is enjoyment, and also very sustainable.

Laundry Sheets

"This Innovative Way Of Doing Laundry Is Sustainable, Efficient And Affordable!"

Get ready to transform your laundry routine with the Second Nature Laundry Sheets: the sustainable solution for doing laundry. Discover the benefits you feel not only in your wallet, but also in the future of our planet:

Second Nature biologisch afbreekbare Laundry sheets verpakkingen met  20, 30 en 40 sheets

Save water

Liquid detergent and fabric softener consist of 50-80% water. With the Laundry Sheets you save unnecessary transport.

Save plastic

By choosing the Laundry Sheets you save the unnecessary use of plastic bottles of regular detergent and fabric softener.

Save money

The Laundry Sheets are detergent & fabric softener in one! Converted, you are therefore cheaper with the Laundry Sheets!